sâmbătă, 13 aprilie 2013

Cash on Trash

You accusate and manipulate
To get people to buy the stories you invent
All the lines that you write
Are just inventions of sick minds.
Stop printing lies!
Diana died with paparazzi on her tracks
Some bullies photographed Michael Jackson dead
You say you don’t kill people with what you write and do,
But you just can’t get enough of it, can you?

People, please don’t waste your cash
On that filthy tabloid trash
They chased a princess to death,
They caught her son drunk on tape
I can’t help wondering what’s next.
They saw a pedophile
In the greatest star
You see a dirty bitch
In a beautiful girl born rich!
Who’s the next target on your mind?
You’re a serial killer
Using words instead of guns!
You say you’re just doing your job to survive,
But why can’t you let others have a life?
I know for sure I wont waste my cash
On that filthy tabloid trash!

Michael Jackson slept in an oxygen chamber
And Madonna is sleeping with Jesus
Rihanna forgave cause she loves to be hit
And Britney has the best disposal to cheat.
Every sex tape gets a star on the screen
Hey, you, No Name, where have you been?
Fat ass on the catwalk, that’s what they demand
Skinny models on the covers
Is that the role model of today?

Accuse and abuse
The people you use
Just to get your story told
And win your pot of gold.
Invade the privacy
Of people who ain’t like you and me.
You’re mocking Brangelina marriage
You’re turning Tom Cruise’s family into challenge
You will never make a saint
Out of a man that ain’t
But stop blinding him with your flash
Nobody’s gonna waste their cash
On that filthy tabloid trash.

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