miercuri, 17 iunie 2009

All I Meant To Say Is I Love You

The first voice that I hear in the morning, when I open my eyes,
The lips that never forget to kiss me good night.
You’re calling from time to time to make sure I’m ok
And just tell me “I love you, that’s all I meant to say”.
Baby, when you’re not home my soul is so hallow,
I feel like without you there’s no tomorrow.
To me you’re everything that other men are not,
Please teach me to keep forever what I’ve got.

He heals the broken heart,
He dries the tears I cry.
He is the man that I adore
Without him I couldn’t breathe any more.
This world would fall apart with if you were gone
I may have million friends, but without you I’m alone.
There are no words that could explain
What I am feeling for this man
So I guess there’s just one way
I love you is all I meant to say.

You bring a smile upon my face every time I am sad
And you are the calmest man in the world when I get mad.
You can’t imagine how guilty I feel from time to time,
Cause sometimes I take for granted what’s mine.
There are times when I feel like I don’t desirve you
And I can’t pay you back just by saying I love you.
Every time that someone hurts me, I run to you
Who else could ever understand me like you do?

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