marți, 10 noiembrie 2009


Maestro, I take my hat off in front of you,
But, Professore, I think I love you.
You were the perfect teacher, taught me everything I know
But now I don’t want to be your student any more.
You said that I’ve learnt my lines well,
You always helped me out to be a straight A
I’ve learned all cause you taught me everything you knew
But while you were teaching, I fell in love with you.
Literature and mathematics, physics and chemistry
Now, maestro, it’s time you showed me some biology.
I’ve never missed a class, I never skipped school,
Because, professor, I was longing to see you.

Maestro, I’m not a little girl any more,
You give me only A-s, but I wanna show you I desirve them all.
Underneath this uniform, Maestro
You’re guessing there is the rest of
What you’re dying to see.
Maestro, why are you just standing there
And staring at me?

Maestro, I bow my head in front of you,
But, Professore, I think I love you.
You were the best master, taught me to read and write poetry
But now it’s time you see the woman growing inside of me.
I used to do anything just to get your attention in class
Please, teach me something you never taught anyone in the past
Professor, I was always the first to raise my hand to answer to you
If you show me the ABC-s of loving, I’ll show you all I can do.
My uniform’s too short, this poney tail doesn’t fit me any more.
I’m in the classroom now, Maestro, so close the door.
You can dare make a step, you know I’m twenty one
You can give me marks, you can touch if you please
I’m making the first move, now I’m kissing your lips.

Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

sâmbătă, 10 octombrie 2009

Stop Playing God!

Did God give you the right to choose
Who will win and who will lose,
Who will live and who will die?
You’re killing us with every lie.
Eyes wide shut and ignoration
No mercy and no compassion
Why do you act as if you care?
If you don’t see
The poverty
It doesn’t mean it’s not there!
I got a million questions
But no one has the answers
Why is life so complicated
Why do you start a war if you hate it?
This is the monster we’ve created
How did we come to shoot guns at each other?
Why are we killing animals to dress ourselves in leather?

Who do you think you are?
What gives you the right
To turn your head from those in pain,
To pretend they are not there?
Stop playing God with those weaker than you!
Can’t you see what you started to do?
Stop playing God!
You are ruining our lives,
Just stop playing God!

The planet is dying in front of your eyes
You ignore it and cover it in lies!
We’re turning to dust hour by hour
And yet say it’s not in our power
To stop it and bring salvation
But the world’s full of starvation
What does it take you so long
To understand
Life will end
Unless you put an end to the war!
Starvation, cancer, AIDS and criminality,
You think they exist only on TV.
But they're eating us alive bit by bit,
Can anybody tell me how we have come to this?
They’re ravaging territories, instead what do you do?
You claim you hate it, but never make a move!

Who do you think you are?
What gives you the right
To turn your head from those in pain,
To pretend they are not there?
Stop playing God with those weaker than you!
Can’t you see what you started to do?
Stop playing God!
You are ruining our lives,
Just stop playing God!

joi, 23 iulie 2009

I'm Still Moonwalking!

I spent a lifetime in the headlines with paparazzi calling me names,
I know for sure that my departure will be just the same.
If you’re asking “who will dance on the floor in the round” from now on,
I just don’t know the answer, you’ll have to get it on your own!
There mustn’t be “Blood on the dancefloor” now that I’m gone,
You can still keep that hursh “Give In To Me” as a ringtone.
And if you say I love you and don’t hear me say back “I love you more”
It’s just because here, in Heaven, they don’t have microphones.

My photo is now in black and white, my name is followed by two years,
And you won’t bring me back if you wrap my photoshop pictures in tears.
Don’t waste your time searching for me,
I am not in some crypt of some Hollywood cemetery
And I am not in that casket of gold that you saw on TV.
I am in the secrets of gravity from Smooth Criminal, that will remain untold,
You know I’m Bad, I’m Dangerous and the History shall never unfold!

Don’t think I died, I am Invincible, they can’t just make me disappear like that!
I am living forever in the Beat It-beat that you will never forget!
Don’t get on your knees by the side of my grave,
I am not the one that you are supposed to save.
Your mission now is to Heal the World with the love you bring
And tell your childrens’ children that there was once a King.
Why do you weep, don’t want to hear you cried
Why do you mourn? I never died!

They wanted me to be a superstar and yet a normal man
That is why in my mind I was playing the part of Peter Pan.
Some expected me to be larger than life every day,
While others said “who the hell is Michael Jackson anyway?”
You say “rest in peace, Michael”, but are you joking?
As years pass,
With no regrets,
I’m still moonwalking.

miercuri, 17 iunie 2009

All I Meant To Say Is I Love You

The first voice that I hear in the morning, when I open my eyes,
The lips that never forget to kiss me good night.
You’re calling from time to time to make sure I’m ok
And just tell me “I love you, that’s all I meant to say”.
Baby, when you’re not home my soul is so hallow,
I feel like without you there’s no tomorrow.
To me you’re everything that other men are not,
Please teach me to keep forever what I’ve got.

He heals the broken heart,
He dries the tears I cry.
He is the man that I adore
Without him I couldn’t breathe any more.
This world would fall apart with if you were gone
I may have million friends, but without you I’m alone.
There are no words that could explain
What I am feeling for this man
So I guess there’s just one way
I love you is all I meant to say.

You bring a smile upon my face every time I am sad
And you are the calmest man in the world when I get mad.
You can’t imagine how guilty I feel from time to time,
Cause sometimes I take for granted what’s mine.
There are times when I feel like I don’t desirve you
And I can’t pay you back just by saying I love you.
Every time that someone hurts me, I run to you
Who else could ever understand me like you do?

Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

marți, 28 aprilie 2009

What If?...

What if I took all those pills that you locked away from me,
What if I ran my car full speed straight into a wall?
What if I went to your job and made a scene,
Would you still think that I am losing control?
What if I ate Chinese and put my finger down my throat,
What if I’d go out in my pijamas, bare footed at night?
And what if I kept a 9 milimeters gun in my purse,
Would you still think that I’m losing my mind?
I ask all these silly questions and you think it’s just a game,
But what if I would do all these things one day?
Is it all right
To lose my mind?
I guess it’s ok
To lose control
Every now and then
And to feel insane.
Can't you see it in my eyes, baby
That I'm dying to go crazy!
Would you stand and watch my masquerade
Would you die to see me doing
All the things that you hate?

What if I turn the music just a little too loud for you,
What if I break down cause I can’t stand this pain?
What if I drove the car just a little too fast for you,
Would you still think that I am going insane?
What if I watch porn movies at 3 in the morning,
What if I come home long after you went to sleep?
What if I took the gun out at the mall in the evening,
What if I tell the secrets I’m supposed to keep?
Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ .

duminică, 19 aprilie 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

When I asked if you still loved me,
You asked "why you wanna know"?
Baby, now I know this is so over,
So why don’t you just get out that door?
And now you say you don’t remember
Of doing everything that you did,
You put on an angel face saying that never
You could cheat, nor lie to me.

But you’re such a good actor
And we’ve been here before,
I know your next line
And I know my reply.
We know were this is going to
So why waste any more time?
A little bit of everything,
A little bit lie and a little bit cheat.
How have you been reduced to this?
How come you did
A little bit of everything?

It’s easy to hang up the phone
When you can’t make excuses fast enough
I did it myself long time ago
That’s the ironic story of my life.
I know exactly what you’re doing now
I did it myself and I know.
In your eyes there is no more love
And it’s time you walked out that door.

Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

marți, 27 ianuarie 2009

Bitter Love

Bitter love
I’ve gambled and I’ve lost
The one I wanted the most,
Bitter love.
The taste of sweet love turned bitter,
It all happened in an instant.
I never thought we’d come to this,
To feel the bitter love in such a bitter kiss.

Bitter love, baby, and you try to kiss away these tears running down my face,
Just this bitter love and always trying to put someone else in your place.
But now I understand I never could
Only God knows how I wish I would!

Bitter love, baby, giving you all of my love and getting heartache instead.
Just this bitter love, baby, and the sound of your angry voice in my head.
The voice that told so many goodbies,
And that killing look in your eyes.
Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Bitter love, baby, and now I guess I just don’t know who you are any more,
Just bitter love, baby, I used to love you like crazy, but now I’m not sure.
You said goodbye, but came back again,
That’s where the bitterness began.

Bitter love, baby, and it’s like I don’t recognize the man lying in bed next to me,
Just bitter love, baby, can’t remember what was it that made me feel like this.
Most of the time I was broken-hearted.
That’s when the bitter love started.
Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

joi, 15 ianuarie 2009


I smile instantly
Each time i get to see
Your face on the screen,
The funniest that’s ever been!
Oh-oooh, Charlie...
You made us laugh, you made us cry
With your humour in black and white,
Oh-oooh, Charlie...
You needn’t speak to make us laugh,
In black and white you spent your life,
But gave us color and laughter
Just a little smile, all you were after…
Oh-oooh, Charlie...
With simple mimic, you taught us what fun is,
You will survive through centuries.
We understood what you meant without words
You made the tricks and waved like a lord,
Oh-oooh, Charlie...
Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
The sound of your voice was never heard
On tv, you never said a word
But we smiled for you when you were glad
And cried  with you when you were sad
Oh-oooh, Charlie...
Black moustache and eyes like cinder,
You got our attention with a finger
You hid millions of magic tricks in your hat
Showed them all and then walked away.
Oh-oooh, Charlie...
Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

marți, 13 ianuarie 2009

Nu suntem nemuritori

Şi câmpurile de lavandă violet se înnegresc
Şi soarele se prăbuşeşte-n mare
Şi părinţii noştri-mbătrânesc
Iar noi, cât mai rămânem tineri oare?...

Aşa cum stelele dispar la răsărit,
Aşa cum primăvara vine şi iar pleacă,
Aşa cum nu rezistă nimic la infinit,
Aşa şi viaţa noastră o să treacă.

Aşa cum se scutură la orice adiere
Frunze aurii, petale albe de flori
Ce trist e să ne luăm la revedere
Când aflăm că nu suntem nici noi

duminică, 11 ianuarie 2009

Your Majesty

Hey, King, 
I am staring at your photo on the wall
And the bartender tells me
That Memphis is the home of rock’n roll.
Here, they even play your music in the streets
They used to say that Elvis is destructive and forbidden for the kids
Now they say that Elvis is the King.
Hey, King, 
You went away long before I was born and you see,
I didn’t get to say Your Majesty.

Hey, King, 
I thought I saw you at Graceland, walking right through the door
You were holding your guitar and singing “Jailhouse rock”
I could swear I heard his voice
And I can’t put this into words,
Cause I swear to God that I have never seen
Since I last saw James Dean on the screen
Eyes that shined 
Just like the sun
And how I loved it when you sang those gospel songs
Now they finally say that you are the King
What the hell did it take them so long?

Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Hey, King, 
It must’ve been unbelievable when you were gone, on 16th of August 1977
And I've never heard a voice like yours singing so sweetly Love Me Tender
His house became a museum
And people come to see him.
And I know that more than words could tell
They loved it when you sang “Heartbreak Hotel”
Photos on the walls,
In every place I go
I see your face on posters, you’re smiling back at me
And I’m only sorry that I never got the chance 
To see you and call you Your Majesty.

Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.