marți, 10 noiembrie 2009


Maestro, I take my hat off in front of you,
But, Professore, I think I love you.
You were the perfect teacher, taught me everything I know
But now I don’t want to be your student any more.
You said that I’ve learnt my lines well,
You always helped me out to be a straight A
I’ve learned all cause you taught me everything you knew
But while you were teaching, I fell in love with you.
Literature and mathematics, physics and chemistry
Now, maestro, it’s time you showed me some biology.
I’ve never missed a class, I never skipped school,
Because, professor, I was longing to see you.

Maestro, I’m not a little girl any more,
You give me only A-s, but I wanna show you I desirve them all.
Underneath this uniform, Maestro
You’re guessing there is the rest of
What you’re dying to see.
Maestro, why are you just standing there
And staring at me?

Maestro, I bow my head in front of you,
But, Professore, I think I love you.
You were the best master, taught me to read and write poetry
But now it’s time you see the woman growing inside of me.
I used to do anything just to get your attention in class
Please, teach me something you never taught anyone in the past
Professor, I was always the first to raise my hand to answer to you
If you show me the ABC-s of loving, I’ll show you all I can do.
My uniform’s too short, this poney tail doesn’t fit me any more.
I’m in the classroom now, Maestro, so close the door.
You can dare make a step, you know I’m twenty one
You can give me marks, you can touch if you please
I’m making the first move, now I’m kissing your lips.

Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.