marți, 28 aprilie 2009

What If?...

What if I took all those pills that you locked away from me,
What if I ran my car full speed straight into a wall?
What if I went to your job and made a scene,
Would you still think that I am losing control?
What if I ate Chinese and put my finger down my throat,
What if I’d go out in my pijamas, bare footed at night?
And what if I kept a 9 milimeters gun in my purse,
Would you still think that I’m losing my mind?
I ask all these silly questions and you think it’s just a game,
But what if I would do all these things one day?
Is it all right
To lose my mind?
I guess it’s ok
To lose control
Every now and then
And to feel insane.
Can't you see it in my eyes, baby
That I'm dying to go crazy!
Would you stand and watch my masquerade
Would you die to see me doing
All the things that you hate?

What if I turn the music just a little too loud for you,
What if I break down cause I can’t stand this pain?
What if I drove the car just a little too fast for you,
Would you still think that I am going insane?
What if I watch porn movies at 3 in the morning,
What if I come home long after you went to sleep?
What if I took the gun out at the mall in the evening,
What if I tell the secrets I’m supposed to keep?
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duminică, 19 aprilie 2009

A Little Bit of Everything

When I asked if you still loved me,
You asked "why you wanna know"?
Baby, now I know this is so over,
So why don’t you just get out that door?
And now you say you don’t remember
Of doing everything that you did,
You put on an angel face saying that never
You could cheat, nor lie to me.

But you’re such a good actor
And we’ve been here before,
I know your next line
And I know my reply.
We know were this is going to
So why waste any more time?
A little bit of everything,
A little bit lie and a little bit cheat.
How have you been reduced to this?
How come you did
A little bit of everything?

It’s easy to hang up the phone
When you can’t make excuses fast enough
I did it myself long time ago
That’s the ironic story of my life.
I know exactly what you’re doing now
I did it myself and I know.
In your eyes there is no more love
And it’s time you walked out that door.

Refrain: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _