joi, 23 iulie 2009

I'm Still Moonwalking!

I spent a lifetime in the headlines with paparazzi calling me names,
I know for sure that my departure will be just the same.
If you’re asking “who will dance on the floor in the round” from now on,
I just don’t know the answer, you’ll have to get it on your own!
There mustn’t be “Blood on the dancefloor” now that I’m gone,
You can still keep that hursh “Give In To Me” as a ringtone.
And if you say I love you and don’t hear me say back “I love you more”
It’s just because here, in Heaven, they don’t have microphones.

My photo is now in black and white, my name is followed by two years,
And you won’t bring me back if you wrap my photoshop pictures in tears.
Don’t waste your time searching for me,
I am not in some crypt of some Hollywood cemetery
And I am not in that casket of gold that you saw on TV.
I am in the secrets of gravity from Smooth Criminal, that will remain untold,
You know I’m Bad, I’m Dangerous and the History shall never unfold!

Don’t think I died, I am Invincible, they can’t just make me disappear like that!
I am living forever in the Beat It-beat that you will never forget!
Don’t get on your knees by the side of my grave,
I am not the one that you are supposed to save.
Your mission now is to Heal the World with the love you bring
And tell your childrens’ children that there was once a King.
Why do you weep, don’t want to hear you cried
Why do you mourn? I never died!

They wanted me to be a superstar and yet a normal man
That is why in my mind I was playing the part of Peter Pan.
Some expected me to be larger than life every day,
While others said “who the hell is Michael Jackson anyway?”
You say “rest in peace, Michael”, but are you joking?
As years pass,
With no regrets,
I’m still moonwalking.